About Us

GIO was established on March 5 1984. It functions under the supervision of JIH. Gio releases the potential of womenfolk in moulding the society's future. And also intends to uplift the girls and enhance their power of action and reaction.
GIO releases that it is from the girls themselves that the voices for safety and security should wise

GIO Intends

Being a group that works among girls GIO has to make its member realize their space in their families as well as society. Girls should have the courage to shoulder the responsibility of handing over the message of truth to the posterities.

GIO aims at the assurance of justice and prosperity without any discrimination of religion and caste, finding solution for the problems affecting girls in the socio- political, moral and cultural zone and refining the girl's value conscious.

GIO Acts..

The main nature of GIO is to function girls on to the grounds of Islam. It also stirs and encourages the creative talents of girls by conducting camps, campaigns and contests. Special focus is given to the campuses. GIO tries to up lift the educational levels of girls, to strengthen them morally and to boost up their talents through its activities.